Panama Canal Murals Vol. 2

A playful harmony of toy vehicles and sunflower workforces merging into a grown-up Disney theme world made of dust-free milk and shadows.

It almost seems like there is no dirt, when the men and women measure, inspect, climb or simply spot their friendly working environment which invites the shiny protagonists for a play. Dirty tasks are handled by massive, yet almost virgin machineries which sometimes feel their way as if they were exploring a new planet.

But what the Panamanian and former Disney animation director George Scribner depicts, is far from naive.

A scratchy blanket overlies the sceneries. Movement plays a big role in the paintings. The static surroundings are broken open towards the main characters and thereby filled with life. What seems unreachable from a distance, becomes a playground when facing near by. The vast environments contrast the small scale of the equipment which then contrasts the even tinier workers.

The series demonstrates that the Panama Canal is still a mind blowing project. Only this time there are no landslides and no mosquitoes. And the mental clarity of the enterprise dealing once again with a powerful nature is even underlined by the use of light and bright colors.

Like their predecessors which where painted by the Dutch van Ingen almost 100 years ago, Scribner`s stylish paintings will be hanging in the Canal Administration Building in Panama City.


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Panama Canal Murals Vol. 2
25 September 2013
A playful harmony of toy vehicles and sunflower workforces merging into a grown-up Disney theme...

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