Panama Canal`s 100th Anniversary - Countdown

Panama is going to celebrate the 100th Canal Anniversary by different events throughout the year. The events will highlight the aspects that have made the Panama Canal an international symbol, but also have an eye on Panama`s future, as well as celebrate Panama's full sovereignty over the Canal, so Canal administrator Jorge Luis Quijano.

First of all, the Canal management got a new name. The former brand "Autoridad de Canal de Panama" (ACP) has been changed to the less aggressive "Canal De Panama" (CDP) which also demonstrates today`s independence from the US. The change of the name brand comes along with a new brand logo and a new, pleasing sub title that reads "La maravilla eres tú." (You are the wonder.)

In addition to that, a temporary event logo for the CDP has been developed in order to tag the centennial year as a special event recognizable for everybody. The anniversary logo was introduced to the public while the official opening ceremony for the Anniversary Countdown on August 14, 2013 at the Miraflores Locks in Panama.

As a cooperation between between Panama`s City of Knowledge (Ciudad del Saber) and Fundación Arte y Cultura Panama, a second event has also already taken place. COK hosted an extensive book exhibition under the name "The Panama Canal and its Architectural Legacy (1905-1920)" that tried to make up a connection between the public and "those figures whose ideas and work served largely to form the character of architecture and landscape of the former Canal Zone."

As an open space the Cinta Costera Project is already showcasing Panama`s rapid growth thereby giving a warm welcome to visitors that will be impressed by a skyline with the international flavor of cities like Buenos Aires or Shanghai.

The remodeled historic city of "Casco Viejo" then celebrates the cultural diversity of Panama with its many art galleries, parks and cafés which make good on the promise given by the first impressions visitors get from the skyline.

With Frank Gehry`s Biodiversity Museum on the Causeway of Balboa, Panama also celebrates itself as a pivot point for the past of the continents. The new "Bridge of Life", as the architect himself refers to the unconventional building, can be seen from Panama Bay, as well as from the Canal entrance. On 4000 square meters it will host several exhibitions in the future, highlighting Panama`s extraordinary biodiversity.

Last but not least, Panama celebrates the Canal by a generous but also necessary expansion project that includes new locks, wider shipping lanes and bigger ports, all together worth over 5 billion Dollars. The official opening of the new Canal is set for August 14, 2014 and will be accompanied by several festival events throughout the city. Several cruise ship lines offer special round trips for that day which also include the famous canal passage. To go one better, rumours are, that there will be an unprecedented light, air and aquiatic show on open sea.

The almost 100 year old Canal which manages five percent of worldwide shipments, thereby connecting more than 144 routes, 1,700 ports and 160 countries, can be considered one of the most influential human accomplishments of the past Century. Today there are hardly any Panamanians that are not affected by the Canal which brings the country billions of annual income and offers almost 10.000 local jobs.

Besides all the national activities, international cruise lines will offer special journey around that within that period. The Holland America Line ships will sail 28 full and partial transits of the Panama Canal during the fall 2013 through spring 2014 season, which coincides with the canal's 100th anniversary. The itineraries range in length from 10 to 22 days.

100YPC is going to cover the upcoming events by more reports and photo features! We are also looking forward to the 100-Years-Time-Line soon to be published by our affiliates from Diablo Arts. The time line will sum up all the past and future events related to the Canal`s anniversary!


About the author

Philipp Maurer (Felipe Alvanil) is a German freelance writer and digital communication developer. He gets inpiration from people, colorful sneakers and travels.

Write him an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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