Diablo Heights / Altos De Jesus

In Canal Zone times it was an American bedroom community for the nearby Miraflores Locks, Port of Balboa and other Zonian-staffed operations. There were some wooden multi-family dwellings, a section of well built duplexes and some more substantial brick single-family homes that Panama acquired in the Carter-Torrijos Treaties.

Odds are that the "Diablo Heights" will make way for port expansion within a decade.

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Future of Panama including the possible moving of the existing Diablo Heights into the expansion.

The photos show the contemporary Panamanian middle class Diablo, where people can live a short walk from where they keep their boats, to the last public ramp into the Pacific ocean.

The former Diablo Club House still looks the same as it used to back in the days.

The former clubhouse with its broad parking lot.

The Gourmet Market occupies the ground floor center of the former clubhouse. 

Today the VIDA Christian Center utilizes what used to be the local bowling hall.

The Last Public Ramp

Panama City doesn't provide a lot of options when it comes to entering the pacific ocean with a boat - the ocean with the most adjacent countries by the way. Despite of tugging your boat through the sand at the closest public beach for free, you could pay your way clear at one of Panama's excellent Yacht Clubs, or instead use a public ramp into the most connected water surface of our planet.

This is the only spot left where you can still launch your boat for free into the Pacific Ocean.

Local people and also the police make good use of the public ramp for surveillance of the canal, fishing activities, rowing practice or family getaways.

That last public boat ramp as it can be visited in Diablo.

Every day, people make good use of this ramp.

Even 'la Policia' utilizes this free-of-charge institution.

Just as the fishermen do.


Live at the Panama Canal

More than 13.000 boats pass the Panama Canal every year. Chances are you will see one passing before one's eyes online.

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