Canal De Panama - A Dictatatorship Inside a Souvereign Country

23 Oct 2013

An honorable group fights against illegal eviction measures taken by the Panama Canal Authority.

The group stayed at the side of the road without affecting vehicular traffic, demanding their rights for justice from the ACP on Octobre 21. They explained that the ACP has prevented them from moving materials they need to do their jobs in the hangars.

Mark Goldstein, spokesman for the group, told they will not leave the land, which the ACP has expressed belongs to the authority, and will continue using their premises. "They (the ACP) are a company that does not pay taxes in the country. They can not be stopping anyone, especially if the area is being occupied for more than 40 years by people legitimately with roles and rights" he said. He noted the ACP wants to sell the land in order to expand Canal-related ports. These lands are located exactly on the banks of the Canal.

Meanwhile, the ACP stated that it will continue to vigorously defend its right to recover the land which is administered by the Canal. But the paper the decision is based on indicates that neither the ACP nor any of the authorities who preceded in the administration of the area known as Devil hangars in Ancon, have recognized rights to land or titles property in this sector.

"Therefore, any occupant of the farm property No. 196273 ACP has valid title to any improvement in the area" Goldstein said in the statement.

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