Link Recommendations For Week Number 29

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Museo Del Canal

Visit the original Canal Museum in Panama City.

Museo Del Canal

Panama Canal Museum USA

An interesting mix of historical and political events could be expected from the Floridan Canal Museum. Sadly,the US vision of the canal review is no longer open to the public. The Panama Canal Museum, USA closed it's doors on July 31, 2012. The web presence is still kept up and available tough. 

Panama Canal Museum USA

Cayuco Race

The traditional Cayuco Race. Competitors use to practice right in front of the Diablo Arts Community center and the hangars. Can you connect the two big oceans by paddling through the locks? The Panamanians do so.

Cayuco Race

Google Map View - Diablo Heights

Get an idea of what life is like in Diablo, Panama's historic neighborhood. Several Pictures from the viewpoint "el mirador" available.

Google Map View - Diablo Heights

Diablo Panama

Some several 

Diablo Panama - Gato Ghetto

Five talented urban artists merge their styles and aerosols in honor of the ghetto cats, or, as we know them better, the Denden stray cats that exist in Panama abound. You can see a lot of them, especially in the areas near the canal or the ports, where they multiply and be cared for by the workers. - Gato Ghetto - Canal Murals

The story of the heroic effort that produced one of the supreme achievements of all time -- the construction of a water passage between the world's two greatest oceans across the isthmus of Panama -- is powerfully depicted in graphic detail in the Panama Canal murals. Mounted in the rotunda of the Panama Canal Administration Building at Balboa Heights, Republic of Panama, the murals have been a major Canal area attraction throughout the years. - Canal Murals

Track Canal Vessels Live

Track Canal Vessels Live


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