Who We Are & Our Mission

We are a melting pot of Panamese and international habitants and visitors. We do art projects inbetween a collection of historic boathouses and hangars in the uprising district of Diablo in Panama City.

The area, contradictionary called Diablo Heights DEVIL HEIGHTS or the Altos De Jesus JESUS HEIGHTS, includes the Last Public Boat Ramp into the Pacific Ocean.

We are here to transform this central, former part of the Canal Zone into a beautiful and attractive area by cleaning it up, organizing and redecorating it.

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What We Do

In Diablo visitors can walk the boat sheds history within a few meters from the Canal and enjoy that nostalgic experience combined with a typical art-culture and lifestyle.

This area originally belongs to the CDP - Canal De Panama. We do not know if and until when the CDP will grant us to stay there because of potential other developments considered for future economic interest of Panama.

That is why we want to decorate the boat sheds/hangars and residences with Arts and Artifacts which will be removable by using 'new skins', such as alucobond panels for arts murals, tile mosaics, and graffitis.

Part of the art will be dedicated to the History of The Canal. In that way it will become a tourist attraction in combination with 100 year anniverary of the Canal and the new locks set to be open in the year 2014/15.

In this way Diablo will change into a catalyst for more high level art in Panama, a spinoff for the young and new, but also renowned artists. The connections the participants make, will grow in the future. Just by putting people with different backgrounds together in a very accessable way, things will arise.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create an International Artist Village, where artists can gather to work, get feedback, participate in programs and workshops, and can connect with each other in an informal way.

The artist village can grow similar to the Canal Expansion Project and the economic growth of Panama and give more substance to this historical and unique part of the Canal Zone.

We hope that perhaps the use of Diablo will help to realize a permanent solution for this historical area and last public Pacific boat ramp to be enjoyed by all Panamanian and international visitors. To fulfill this mission our volunteers and resources depend on generous supporters and organisations.

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Proudly owned by one of the editors of this site, this French stock certificate from 1888 is our personal claim for property on the canal and it's history.

You have proof for ownership of the Canal in any kind, and want to let the ACP know?
Letus know about your story and we will publish it for you here on our website!

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Diablo Heights / Altos De Jesus

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More than 13.000 boats pass the Panama Canal every year. Chances are you will see one passing before one's eyes online.

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Panamanians, Americans, Dutch - sharing the same dream of being a successful, transparent nation. Some countries can be considered maritime experts!

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