Artic Sea Ice Opening Up For New Maritime Transportation Routes

21 Aug 2013

The new passage ways paralleling the Arctic Sea will become reality within the next ten years, due to global warming. Not only Canada and Russia are getting ready for the upcoming change by expanding their ice breaker fleets and security networks around the arctic shipping lines.

Once businesses can pass the pole habitually, these waterways will become a major threat for the existing routes that utilize Suez Canal and the Panama Canal for transportation.

The North-West Passage Way will save thousands of miles from New York to Asia, including the opportunity for toll-free cargo transports, due to unresolved legal claims by Canada and the U.S. 

The Northern Sea Route, connecting Europe with Asia, will cut shipping distances between Russia's Murmansk and Japan's Yokohama by about 7000 miles and thereby shorten transportation times up to two weeks.

The popularity of the Northern Sea Route continues to grow: from just 4 vessels in 2010, the number of ships passing the waterway increased to 34 in 2011 and is expected to almost double up to 60 for 2013.

Arctic Ocean Maps showing the North-West Passage and the Northern Sea Route

Second International Arctic Forum in Arkhangelsk "The Arctic – Territory of Dialogue"

Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks To New Low In Satellite Era

Read the Original Articles - Arctic Ocean/Laptev Sea Map - Arctic Forum 2011 - Arctic Sea Ice 2012



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