Link Recommendations for Week Number 32

07 Aug 2013

How about some art and history for this week's link recommendations?

Olga Sinclair Foundation

The Foundation aims at the education of Panamanian children by teaching them variable ways of artistic expressions in order to support their development of personality. Frequently held art workshops in which the participants explore and emulate the styles of expression of a variety of painters, Olga attends personally.

Olga Sinclair is a Panamanian painter, designer, interior designer and sculpurist. Her father being an abstract painter, too, she studied at art schools in Madrid, Panama and London. Today she lives in Panama City. Olga and her foundation are one of the most successful art organisations in Panama.

Public Art Online - Resources

We're not the only ones with the idea to create a beautiful, culturally sustainable environment using a highly valueable tool when it comes to exploration into new directions to go for our society. Art does provide the integrity and the freedom to form an efficient humanistic life model that will help us to connect upcoming challenges with adequate, available answers. 

Spain shows the way with Frank Gehry's Guggenheim setup which wants to be seen as a leading example of how a strong artistic intervention can affect it's surroundings positively - not only in terms of prettiness. Serving as a striking surface to the visitor, it evokes the area that surrounds it and thereby creates new space for cultural processing which is often attended by vivid economic side effects.

In this web source you will find frequently updated publications related to the topic, also summits and even usable quotes and thoughts that can help to find apropriate targets and strategies for public art development projects. - Resources

George A. Smathers Libraries - Panama American

The daily newspaper "Panama American" deals with issues from the Canal Zone and it's citizens, also as with cosmopolitan events from a Canal point of view.

Thanks to great efforts of the George Smathers Libraries a lot of historic documents from the times when the Canal Zone still existed are saved. The partly digitalized collection allows for a fantastic insight into common life from back in the days. - Panama American


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