Carlos Ramirez

29 Aug 2013

Carlos Ramirez is a Columbian airbrush artist and painter who specializes on professional execution of artistic visions for boat owners and their related businesses. Clients can be supported with artistic consultation and respective graphical concepts.

Looking for new opportunities to extend his portfolio, the 44 year old father of two kids started travelling Central America in August 2013. His travel instantly brought him to Panama. "In Panama the arts are cooking" he says. Carlos knows what he is talking about: his extensive portfolio is a manifest of depicting skills and passion towards arts over many years.

The humorously depicted aquarium still, a reference to Panama's outstanding biodiversity, is a composite of sharp, shining surfaces vividly fading into clouds of atmospheric nebulas. An intendedly playful color choice agitates a radial grid that organizes the objects, while the cutting textures of the foreground balance the organic vocabulary in the painting's rear.

The art piece, which is made of double-layered polyurethane varnish applied to GRANDEUR Aluminium Composite Panels, was accomplished in 10 days and measures 8 x 8 feet (243 x 243 cm). It now welcomes all boats and their passengers that pass the Canal daily.

In addition to the commissioned art works, he started doing artistic consultation for DA and some of its Partners which instantly turned him into a highly valuable member for the group. Carlos says "DA gave me the founding and pushes my limits within the artistic process. If more artists come here, it would be the greatest thing!" DA thanks Carlos, for his continued support!

About DA Workshops

In order for everybody to get the best experience possible, we try to work as close together with our artists as possible. Community members hanging out in the workshops allow everybody a free exchange of ideas whether you work at night or day. Because we at DA are always looking for the best results, we support all our projects with a framework of infrastructure. This includes a workshop, required tools and all working materials as well as a free room and board and some financial support for the whole time of an artist's stay.

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