Join the Diablo Neighborhood Association

Help our community and the whole Diablo Neighborhood grow and give more substance to this historical and unique part of the Canal. Diablo needs a drastic revitalization or it will be lost forever.

If you are a Diablo resident you are very welcome to join the Diablo Neighborhood Association. This group of international Diablo residents fights for the legal rights of all dwellers and owners of Diablo who are affected by the eviction measures brought on by the ACP.

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Note: After we received the data, we are getting in personal contact with you to verify your identity. Please make sure to provide necessary contact information.

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If you are serious about what you do, you can support us with your creative work and visions.

Right now, we are mainly looking for painters, and grafitti artists. Plans are also to incorporate sculpturists in the future, aswell as we are planning on smaller architectural statements here in the area.

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Event Planers

If you are planning on some musical or any other artistic event but don't know where to let it happen, let us know. We might have some cosy hangar space for you. Diablo is ideal for any sort of good cultural event.

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You can help us with some money if you think that art helps us to grow towards a better society. The money will be added to our art fund which provides the necesssary resources for the execution of artistic projects in Diablo, Panama. The fund is currently supportet by private investments and generous donations of our sponsors.

You can visit us in Diablo to see what's happening here!

Everybody else

You probably have some interesting names in your contact list who's telefone number you want to share with us. Or you have some skills that you think can be of help for the project - right now, we could use some public relations assistance and translations (spanish-english) are also always welcome :)

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Donating currently is possible using PayPal only. We're working on expanding our payment network.

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The Diablo Arts Community serves as a platform for an artistic fusion of strong cultural artists of all different kinds in Panama.

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