Protest Against Eviction Order

12 Jul 2013

Owners and residents of hangars in Diablo require compensation in case of eviction because they claim to be the rightful owners.

Owners and residents of hangars in Diablo roundabout again protest against eviction ordering by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) dating from April 19, 2013.

The group departed 9 am from the school of Balboa, in the City of Knowledge, and walked to the building of the ACP.

As explains Mark Goldstein, one of the coordinators of the protest, ' all members of the roundabout have certifications granted by the owner Panama Canal Commission' , when the waterway was administered by the Government of the United States. In addition, Goldstein said the owners claim that the Magistrate of Ancon, which addresses the problem - is acting outside its jurisdiction.

However, the ACP argues in eviction note that 'no occupation or construction on the property 196273 is authorized, and therefore every occupant lacks justified occupation titles'.

But the position of the neighbors of Diablo is clear: 'If they want to evict us indemnify us.'

Meanwhile, the lawyer handling the case of those affected, Silvio Guerra , argues that if the ACP insists on evicting these families of the place, would violate the principles established in the Torrijos-Carter Treaties from 1977.

Article 9 of the canal treaties states that 'the rights of property, as recognized by the United States of America, enjoyed by natural persons or legal entities, in buildings and other improvements ubi markets in the territory which formed the Zone Canal, will be recognized by the Republic of Panama in accordance with its laws'.

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