New Protests in Diablo

13 Jul 2013

The owners and dwellers of the Diablo boat hangars spoke out against the eviction issued by the ACP.

With placards in hand and shouting slogans , the owners and residents of the Devil hangars in the area reverted , protested against the building of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP ) for the eviction . In addition to claiming the request of the ACP , the protesters complained that the Magistrate of Ancon has acted impartially in the case. ' The Magistrate has no jurisdiction in this, " argues Mark Goldstein , one of the organizers of the demonstration against the eviction order . Ing owners and residents demanded 'justice' , as they believe that the ACP is violating their property rights .

According to Goldstein , ' all members of the roundabout ( Diablo ) have ownership certificates that were issued by Panama Canal Commission , which administered the Canal when it was run by the United States ' .

The group's lawyer Silvio Guerra, insists that its customers are covered by the Torrijos-Carter Treaties.

Meanwhile, ACP argues that Article IX of the canal treaties - talking about staying in properties from the Canal Zone - 'refers to the recognition of cases such as churches and other nonprofit organizations' and not to individuals as those who claimed yesterday.

However, despite the position of the Panama Canal Authority, the affected insist on 'compensate if you want them to go.'

So far, the ACP has expressed no intention of negotiating with the plaintiffs.

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