Honoring the Past by Building the Future.

The time has come for the opening of a bigger and better Canal. Panamá is going to celebrate it`s 100th Anniversary by many exciting events throughout this promising period.

Who We Are

We are a melting pot of Panamese and international habitants and visitors. We do art projects inbetween a collection of historic boathouses and hangars in the uprising district of Diablo in Panama City.

Citizens Of The World! The Doors Are Opened
In Transforming Panamá Into A Paradise Society!

100 Years Panama Canal - Anniversary & Art Channel

Citizens of the World

Thanks to a new immigration decree, it's possible to fasttrack in becoming a permanent resident and thereafter obtaining a working permit allowing a return of intermingling cultures.

All The Best

Thinking about Panamá, we have tons of good news for you that prove Panamás cultural readiness for stepping onto the global stage - just once again.

Super Heavy Cargo

The collected material demonstrates the tremendous effect the Canal has on its country and its continent as well as its positive globalizing impact on the world.

Driven By The Past, 21st Century Panama
Becoming The New Powerhouse Of America.

Old Times

August 15, 1914, the Panama Canal was officially opened by the passing of the SS Ancón. At the time, no single effort in American history had exacted such a price in dollars or in human life. The American expenditures totaled 352 mllion Dollars, far more than the cost of anything built by the United States Government in the whole nineteenth century.

Coming Up

Panama is rapidly changing economically, socially and culturally, thanks to sovereign control over the Panama Canal handed back by America on December 31, 1999. Next is the Centennial year 2014 of the construction of the Panama Canal. Under leadership of president Ricardo Martinelli a comparison can be made to Theodore Roosevelt as one of the greatest presidents leading a nation in becoming a global power force to be reckoned with.

Rising El Diablo

Today, Diablo is partially dedicated to pleasure boating, including some 130 hangars north of the Spinning Club, which are poorly maintained. But back in the days, Diablo Heights, which was reffered to as Diablo Camp, was a cultural HUB 24 hours a day. We think art can. What if Art ruled the world - Our World!

This Website is dedicated to all Men and Women
who have and will work at or for the Panama Canal
and made the Heroic Dream of over 400 Years
come true.

Martyr`s Day

Panamá had a couple of revolutions, but this time it initiated the need for Panama to achieve complete independence as a nation from America, when Panamanian students claimed for their property on the Canal in January 1964.

Death Toll

It is estimated that over 80,000 persons took part in the construction and that over 30,000 lives were lost in both French and American efforts. Many of the construction workers and their families who had decided to leave their country for the isthmus of Panama, went through a nightmare of mud slides and yellow fever.

Jan Van Hardeveld received the Roosevelt Medal of Honor
for serving the Longest Time
at the Construction of the Canal and beyond.

Heroic Workers - Jan Van Hardeveld

"In America, anything is possible." said Jan van Hardeveld (John Strongfield), a Dutch born,  freshly minted American citizen and 30-year-old engineer from Wyoming, who had come to Panama in july 1905 in order to work on one of the greatest projects of all times. Bringing his family to the Isthmus, he went through one of the worst fights of his life.

Heroic Workers - Dave Sherman

Dave Jeffrey Sherman, a dedicated Canal Pilot for more than 25 years, at the age of 63 in the year 2007 was found unconscious near his residence at the boatshed area, a former canal zone of Diablo Heights, and admitted to hospital.

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